Easy de Ne-Yo

Paroles de chanson Easy de Ne-Yo


OooOoOOooo yeah

I kept the flowers, the candy, the letter that you wrote to me
And I-laughed a long time
as it all went up in smokes
it was funny

See I don't care
No I don't care
Cus you don't care
So I don't care anymoreee

It was eaaaaaaa-sy
easy to love me
but you didn't wanna try
So it was eeasssss-sy
easy to leave you
good bye x3

I-got all your messages on my phone
and the texts as well
I-will be changing my number tomorrow
and my email

Because I don't care (don't matter what you try to say)
No I don't care (don't you realise it's too late)
Cus you didn't care so why should I care now
see you around

It was eeeasssss-sy
easy to love me
But you didn't wanna try
So it was eeassss-sy
easy to leave you
good-bye x3

Said i remember
how much i cried (mmm..)
inside a part of me died
Oh.. what would you (?)
it was the part of me that gave a damn about your lie

shoulda been easy ...ooh..
easy to love me


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