We're All Alright de Nelson

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We're All Alright
We're All Alright

You see it dominate the six o'clock news
It's on the cover of your magazines
The television is a horror show
The paper reads like something by Stephen King

You've got forty lashes 'cross your back
Guess your mommy can't control her rage
Could it be because she just found out
Your drunken daddy's got a girlfriend
Who's half her age?

It's all alright - we're all alright
It's all alright - we're all alright

I see a moralistic bourgeoisie
Blocking clinics in a human chain
While the orphanages overflow
The children playing in the acid rain

Change the channel, God's right hand man
Says send him money or I'll burn in hell
And on the news I find it's all been spent
(That's where you money went)
They caught him playing "feed the kitty"
In some cheap motel

(But) It's all alright - we're all alright
It's all alright - we're all alright

Big Brother tells me I can't live without my
MTV, sporty car, snappy clothes and VISA card
White picket fences and 2, 3 kids
They try to medicate our minds
And pray to God we never find
The extent of all damage they did
As April fades into December
It'd do us all good to remember
Even the dinosaurs couldn't give fate the slip
Yes my friends, the bottoming is we've got
The dumb leading the deaf and blind
We're fresh out of parachutes
And we're headed for the edge of a cliff

Look at us kids and all we deal with today
We love in fear 'cause of some monkey's disease
And 'cause our parents let the rainforests die
In twenty years, the sun will boil the seas
And Mr. President don't give a shit
Says, "Hallelujah, the recession's gone!"
He spends a tril to keep the commies away
When there's a thousand homeless
Camping on the White House lawn


It's all alright - we're all alright
We're all alright - we're all alright

"My question to the American people is :

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