Yah, man
Oh we're going to have some fun with this one, man
And I don't know where it's going to take us
But it's a long way from Boston
Here we go

Stay with me bay
Stay with me baby
Me whole life long
Stay with me baby
Stay with me baby
I can't go you no wrong

Me saw you walkin' down the street
You were lookin' so sweet
Then me didn't know what you say
All I know is that you'r brightening up
A beautiful day

Oh yah, we're grovin' now man

Nobody can tell me my baby's not to real
The don't know just how she feels
What a girl me pretty littling t'ing


I never could repay you for the love
You're given to me
Me play every day and stay with me eternity
The only t'ing that we know for sure
Me could never ever doubt you

Nobody can tell me my baby's not the best
She's the best
She's so fresh
What a girl me pretty little t'ing


We be jammin

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