Let You Walk Away de Peter Koppes

Paroles de chanson Let You Walk Away de Peter Koppes

Let You Walk Away
Let You Walk Away

Since you came along, life goes up in a song
And I almost Iet you
You marked out your spot, said it's not very hot
I can't relax now
Made love on the sand, lost sight of lhe land
I can't get back now
You send out a light for lost ships in the night
I'm not like that

But I can never relax now
Pining for something better I care about
I can never relax now
The shine of your beam has touched me deep inside

Now that its rules, you say the truth
Can nowhere be found
I was in doubt, you brought it out
Now we know each other well
Only a sin, is that where you've been
Well leave it out then
Save it all up and send it on up that beam
lf it's all over, it doesn't matter if we can't get back

I should have known better than to let you walk away
Praise is the action of my satisfaction
And sometimes goes unheard

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