Wasted Years de Pink Cream 69

Paroles de chanson Wasted Years de Pink Cream 69

Wasted Years
Wasted Years

A minute here, a minute there is all it´s got to take
Another bus, you gonna miss, there´s nothing left at stake
The price is high, results are low when you push it all aside
Then the guilt returns and clutters up in your mind

The voice is always calling, a haunting in your ears
Everyday reminding you: All those wasted years
But you don´t need to listen, deny your darkest fears
And one day time will make up for all those wasted years

The clock it ticks, around the hour
You´re always so aware
And when the light fades to black
All you do is sit and stare
The TV screen is your best friend cuz it
Takes your thoughts away
And the late night host is looking older again

Wait for the signs and wait for the call -
Wait for the call
Wait for the moment before the fall -
Tells us all
This world is spinning round and twisting your mind
It´s spinning round and twisting round
It´s spinning round and twisting in my mind

Life itself is so surreal, could it all have gone so wrong?
And every morning you raise your head to find
Now is a new day dawning

Ohh, ohh, ohh, ohh
Are you waiting for a saviour?
All those wasted years

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