Hate Your Faith de S-Core

Paroles de chanson Hate Your Faith de S-Core

Hate Your Faith
Hate Your Faith

Hate your faith
Burn it down ,keep your fucking redemption
Hate your faith
Erase it all,we don't need your salvation

Pay for this legacy
Pay for this Felony
Pay for this suffering
Just suffer

Respect blindly worship
Your so called sovereign ain't nothing but shit
Implore keep crying out
Your empty sky won't answer you bitch
Biuld up,useless dogma
Architecture to abuse the weak
Bow down,open your mouth
Receive his blessing and take your fix

Hate your faith

Praise your lord,ensure your place in heaven
Praise your lord,take the blood from his band
Praise your lord,nail yourself to his speech
Praise your lord,follow,accept and...

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