The heavens are telling
The glory of God
Without a sound
They testify
And every creature
On the face of the earth
Sees His nature
Displayed in the sky
He put the moon and stars in place
Tells the sunrise when to begin
I feel His glory
On the ocean breeze
As He rides
On the wings of the wind

Let every voice
Lift His praises
The heavens are telling us how
One mighty sound
From all creation
The heavens are telling
The heavens are telling
The glory of God

The elements answer
A wave of His arm
They hear the thunder in His voice
There's jubilation
In the work of His hands
The rocks cry out
And the rivers rejoice
All of creation a testament
From clouds above
To oceans deep
The God of wonders
Has signed His name
So His power can clearly be seen

Repeat Chorus

Glory to God in the highest
Glory to God

Repeat Chorus

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