Two To Tango de Son By Four

Paroles de chanson Two To Tango de Son By Four

Two To Tango
Two To Tango

She was only seventeen when she walked into my life
She had her head filled with dreams and she wanted to strive
She wasn't afraid to say or do the things to get what shewanted
And she could use and seduce a man with just one hand, it was allor nothing
That was her plan

She wanted to be free and to have it all
She didn't want to fall, fall in love with me
Then she had to see, she had to let it go
'cause it takes only two to tango

She was only seventeen when I gave her my heart
She would look into my eyes, and tell me lies
She knew what she wanted from the start
Yo la queria
Oh how I need her
But love sometimes ain't what it seems to be
Tantas mentiras
She's a deceiver
But she didn't know
That the best things in life are for free

Chorus (twice)

And in a lonely carbaret she danced her life away
And as she moved her feet, erased the memories
And with each tear I cry, I stop to wonder why
She never danced with me


Chorus (twice)

Chorus (fade out)

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