I Will Be Absorbed de The Egg

Paroles de chanson I Will Be Absorbed de The Egg

I Will Be Absorbed
I Will Be Absorbed

Half of the time I spend thinking alone
While I'm working out songs or just lying in the sun
The magical sound that I long to express
Always just out of reach of my groping hands

Like the wanton muse
Beckoning to me
Vanishes before
I can see her face

How many times has a transient dawn's
Beauty faded away before you understand
And a woman whose smile is a lingering song
Bringing tears to your eyes though you dont know why

Like a fragrant light
Moves before your eyes
A million miles away
Never to return

Wafting past from my childhood
Hazy thoughts and sensations
These must hold the key to my life

I always find those indefinite things
If I manage to touch them they turn into stone
And the quality that kept me following them
Is only a sound that I knew all the time

If I ever find
What I'm looking for
I will be absorbed
And never write again

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