I got some brassknucles for the bitch who try and fuck with me go a steeltoe
for the nigga who try and dump me wall stained with brains from the bitch that
owed me steady get into static but you think didnt nobody told me aint that
type of mutha fucka tha get filled with that ano i'm that type of mutha fucka
who fill you full of that ammo these hoe's crying these bitches are blowing a
candle i can't handle the shit like scarecrow ain't for no hoe games for the
one that didn't know scarecrow brain kinda strange aim my pistol strike ya dead
on the nostrol bitch don't test this nigga cause this nigga kinda hostol sock
yo ass with a buck shot in you windpipe what the fuck is a fair fight
scarecrow tring stomp you in yo face till their's no light and no sound
look at you now you just another punk beat. This for
tring to block the haymakers i swing

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